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Current Projects
Greenovation Group in the News

October 30, 2013 -- Annapolis, Maryland
Greenovation Group welcomes Thomas A. Bork to our team!  Mr. Bork is our new Representative and is responsible for overseeing our business development in China.  As we extend our relationships, products, and service offerings into China, we rely on Thomas to engage with Chinese corporate and government principals on a variety of consulting, venture, investment, technology, manufacturing, distribution, and partnership opportunities. He approaches client engagements with a comprehensive, personalized management style to ensure the complete success of each relationship.
May 25, 2011 -- Annapolis, Maryland

Greenovation Group is excited to announce that our CasFlexTM flexible bio-foam product line has been successfully Juried and accepted by global sustainable materials consultancy Material ConneXion.  CasFlexTM is now included in their prestigious library and consulting practice.   Their April 2011 issue of “Materials Update” features our CasFlexTM product under the Polymers Category.


See here:

CasFlexTM is available for view and specification in their global Materials Libraries under Polymers MC#: 6788-01.


Additonally, CasFlexTM samples have been mailed to clients of Material ConneXion worldwide as part of Material ConneXion’s recent

ActiveMATTERTM product introduction program.  Greenovation Group will be providing additional sustainable polymer products to Material ConneXion for future Jury review and inclusion in Material ConneXion’s sustainable materials programs to industry.  We are excited to partner with Material ConneXion in the ongoing introduction of sustainable products and materials to the world.


Material ConneXion is a global materials consultancy with the world’s largest library of advanced, innovative and sustainable materials and processes.  Six locations and a comprehensive online database give subscribers access to over 5,500 cutting-edge materials, with 50 new additions each month.  Locations include:  New York, USA; Bangkok, Thailand; Cologne, Germany; Daegu, South Korea; Milano, Italy and Istanbul, Turkey.  A seventh location in Beijing, China is opening in October 2011.  For more information visit

January 15, 2011 -- Annapolis, Maryland
Greenovation Group is excited to announce the development and immediate availability of a new line of high performance biofoams, biopolymers, and mega polymers for the polyurethane, polyurea, manufacturing, protective coatings, and composites industries!
The majority of our new patented polymers are sustainable replacements for mainstream petroleum-based and food-grade vegetable-oil based polymers currently in use worldwide.  Our sustainable polymers are based upon a non-food vegetable-oil polyol and a water-based, water-blown formulation.  These polymers do not degrade the world food supply, have no HFC's, have no CFC's,  have no formaldehyde, and do not use dangerous blowing agents as do other biopolymers currently in use worldwide.  Our exceptionally performing mega polymers are based upon a combination of no-VOC formulations.
Greenovation Group currently offers both sustainable biopolymer formulations and no-VOC mega polymer formulations for multiple applications and will also offer manufacturing and application licenses to interested OEM and product manufacturer's.
June 10, 2010 -- Annapolis, Maryland
Greenovation Group welcomes Flack Ventures, Inc (FVI) as a Solution Partner to provide professional services to our clients and partner with us on new venture financing and project development.
Flack Ventures, Inc (FVI) is an Annapolis, Maryland based firm founded in 1996.  With their staff and strategic partners, FVI follows a holistic consulting approach to understand how organizations operate, how they can innovate, and how they can work better.


Known for defining and managing successful multi-faceted projects and new business ventures, FVI delivers measurable outcomes for client stakeholders and investors.  Opening new business opportunities, implementing new ideas, streamlining business operations, finding investment solutions, and creating new possibilities for revenue are all key goals of FVI professionals when partnering with their clients.


To learn more about Flack Ventures, go to


The first proposed project partnership between FVI and Greenovation Group will be to offer a portfolio of innovative sustainable solutions to current FVI clients and affiliates with the goal of building client revenue streams and fostering environmental stewardship.  In addition, FVI and Greenovation Group are developing a new sustainable agricultural and renewable energy cooperative concept with the goal of creating a more robust agricultural industry and more versatile agricultural and energy product offerings for Maryland farmers.


January 26, 2010 -- Annapolis, Maryland
Greenovation Group partners attended the 16th Annual Maryland Environmental Legislative Summit and engaged with Maryland Legislators to promote their economic, Return-on-Investment approach to sustainability.  The goal of this engagement was to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy, nutrient pollution reduction in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, waste reuse and recycling, and other sustainable practices in both Maryland government and commercial entities.  House Environmental Matters Committe Chair, Delegate Maggie McIntosh, was given the book Our Changing Planet (conceived and authored by NASA Goddard scientists) with the suggestion that all of her fellow House Committee Members and peers on the Maryland Senate Education, Health & Envrionmental Affairs Committee also receive the book to educate them about the affects we make to our planet.
December 20, 2009 -- Annapolis, Maryland
Greenovation Group begins an educational outreach project to distribute the exceptional book Our Changing Planet to Maryland Executive Branch and General Assembly members before the end of the 2010 Maryland Legislative session.  The book was conceived and authored by NASA Goddard Scientists, and published by Cambridge University Press.  Greenovation Group Advisory Board member, Robin Williams, PhD, is one of the co-authors.  Greenovation Group hopes to provide the book to Schools, Public Libraries, and Universities to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices and sound environmental stewardship within government and commercial entities.  The book may be purchased at cost through the following link:
December 10, 2009  -- South Whitley, Indiana
Greenovation Group welcomes Modular Green Builder, Whitley Manufacturing, as a Solution Partner for our green building projects!  Whitley Manufacturing is the leading builder of permanent and relocatable modular, high-efficiency buildings in the USA.  Their modular construction system allows them to produce fast prefabricated buildings without sacrificing architectural appeal.  Whitley builds custom designs, multi-story structures, and steel frame or non-combustible buildings.  All design and manufacturing is done in their own state-of-the art facilities in South Whitley, Indiana; Marysville, Washington; and Rochester, Indiana.


Whitley's LEED-certified modular buildings include: entire school campuses, modular classrooms, modular healthcare and medical buildings, modular banks, modular offices, modular dormitories, clearspan buildings, and steel enclosures.   Go to for more information.


The first proposed project partnership with Greenovation Group will be to build a LEED-certified modular dormitory and conference facility for Hocking College's Energy Institute in Logan, Ohio.  Greenovation Group hopes to partner with Whitley Manufacturing to develop additional LEED-certified green modular building projects throughout Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia.


November 11, 2009 -- Logan, Ohio
Greenovation Group's Educational Solution Partner, Hocking College Energy Institute (HCEI) is featured on the "Go Green Channel" on the Buildingpedia website! 

In the first episode of this series, Buildingpedia's "Go Green Channel" tours one of the nation's newest research facilities for green energy education and development. Dean Jerry Hutton introduces some of the Institute's many alternative energy programs and sustainable design features.  The building functions as an open and modular laboratory.


Go to this link for the video feature of HCEI's LEED Platinum certified Classoom/Laboratory/Administration building:

October 15, 2009 -- Stewart, Ohio
Greenovation Group welcomes Applachian Renewable Power Systems (A.R.P.) as a Solution Partner for our Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal projects in Ohio!
A.R.P. is a full service solar power contractor, offering complete design, installation, and service of solar electric and solar hot water systems.  Gary Easton, owner and project manager of A.R.P., is a NABCEP dual certified solar installer and is committed to quality installations and 100% customer satisfaction.
We look forward to partnering with A.R.P. to develop our projects throughout Ohio and to demonstrate the advantages and long-term viability of solar energy for our clients.
September 30, 2009 -- Annapolis, Maryland
Greenovation Group welcomes Robin G. Williams, PhD. and Jerrold L. Hutton, PhD to its Senior Advisory Board!
Robin Williams, PhD., a NASA scientist experienced in the areas of climate change, oceanography, polar ice research, remote-sensing and imaging analysis, and education will enhance the team's understanding, inter-relationships, and efforts in the scientific and educational community.  Dr. Williams' latest book, Our Changing Planet, may be reviewed at this link:
Jerrold Hutton, PhD., the Dean of Hocking College Energy Institute (HCEI) with extensive commercial and educational experience, will integrate HCEI with the team and advise on the develoment of partnerships and relationships in the educational outreach and renewable fuels disciplines.
Both men bring exceptional leadership, knowledge, and international relationships.  They have come on-board with Greenovation Group to advise the team on the continuing development of its mission and to educate our community on the importance of conservation.  It is a passion of both men to promote sustainable management and energy resource practices.
July 15, 2009 -- Annapolis, Maryland
Greenovation Group welcomes Robert A. Cooper and Gregory S. Richter, PhD. to its Senior Advisory Board!
May 25, 2009 -- Newark, Ohio
Greenovation Group welcomes L.E. "Dick" Richardson to its Senior Advisory Board!
April 1, 2009 -- Frazeysburg, Ohio
Greenovation Group initiates concept feasibility of a Sustainable Research Facility in partnership with Vorys' Family Farms.  Multiple projects were discussed including:
  • Micro Utility-Scale Solar Photovoltaic Systems
  • Student internship programs in partnership with the Hocking College Energy Institute
  • Farm Management and low-impact Fossil Fuel Energy Development
  • Sustainable Tree Farming Operations
  • Organic Agriculture and Cattle Operations
March 31, 2009 -- Ephrata, Pennsylvania
Greenovation Group introduces a new sustainable tree farming solution for their clients.  The solution will utilize fast-growing Hybrid Poplar and Cherry trees as the primary planting stock.  Potential projects will include the reclamation of brownfield mining facilities and  the development of sustainable tree farming operations on both Greenovation Group properties and client properties.
After two years of managed propagation of the Hybid Poplars and Cherries, it is possible to manage a renewable timber, firewood, pulp, and furniture-quality lumber cooperative in partnership with clients.
March 30, 2009 -- Logan, Ohio
Hocking College and Greenovation Group initiate discussions to develop a working relationship with the new Energy Institute at Hocking College.
John Light, PhD, Retired President of Hocking College; Jerrold Hutton, PhD., Dean of Advanced Energy & Transportation Technologies; and Jestinah McDonald, Project Coordinator discussed topics including:
  • Creation of a student internship program at the Greenovation Group Sustainable Research Facility in Frazeysburg, Ohio
  • Collaboration on both Hocking College Energy Institute and Greenovation Group sustainability projects and educational outreach to the community
  • Creation of a public/private partnership to build a LEED certified dormitory, conference, and teaching facility.
March 13, 2009 -- Annapolis, Maryland 

Greenovation Group files for incorporation in Delaware, Maryland, and Ohio, formally joining together recognized Environmental Engineer and LEED Consultant, Brian Funk; Experienced Country Club and Resort Consultant, Scott Richardson; and Government and Commercial Business Process Consultant, William Oldfield.


The new consulting and project implementation group has been founded by a team of experienced consultants and engineers along with a talented advisory board of senior commercial and government executives from the fields of finance, operations management, systems and project engineering, advanced fuels, oceanography, climatology, and environmental science.  Consultants and corporations possessing a wide array of environmental and technical expertise are being affiliated as Solutions Partners.



Greenovation Group' s mission is to guide clients toward the adoption of a new management approach which integrates  sustainable operational and energy resource practices with the goals of increasing  profitability and promoting sound organizational and environmental stewardship.